The rain is leaving, the drought is over in California and that only means one thing. Summer movies are coming. Chip and Cern pick their top movies to see this summer and give a little preview for the upcoming Justice League and Star Wars movies. 


As parents Chip and Cern don’t get much time to go to the theaters let alone catching all the hot summer movies. Chip and Cern both really enjoyed all the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. The trailer for the Justice League just dropped, so Chip and Cern took a lookski at that. Give a look for yourself here:




After watching the trailer Chip realized that the movie comes out in November which is late late summer. Chip and Cern commit to watching the Batman v Superman movie, but are hesitant to watch because of Ben Affleck. Chip and Cern know nothing about DC Universe and have no idea who Cyborg is, so if you know anything about the DC Universe or Cyborg tweet @chipandcernshow and fill us in.


Watch along as Chip and Cern watch trailers:


Spiderman: Homecoming



The newest Christopher Nolan movie, Dunkirk 




The newest Alien’s movie from Ridley Scott, Alien: Covenant




Wonder Woman 





Chip and Cern were most impressed with the Aliens movie and will attempt to see that one this summer. Cern is also pumped for the newest Star Wars moving coming out in December. 


What movies are you looking forward to this summer?  Let us know of Twitter, FB or even Instagram.


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