Everyone’s favorite online retailer Amazon purchased Whole Foods Market for 13.7 billion dollars. Chip already missed one sound drop within the first 2 mins of the show. Cern has intel that Albertsons was also rumored to be in the hunt for Whole Foods. Amazon’s stock has hit a 52 week high trading at nearly $1k a share. Chip and Cern are going to go in one share of Amazon stock. 


Whole Foods has 430 something stores which Chip and Cern believe will be a big play for the Amazon Fresh arm of Amazon. Amazon Fresh is groceries where you can get anything to eat. Fruits, veggies, meat, cheese, along with all non perishables. 


The Amazon Go store in Seattle, WA has perked Chip and Cern’s interest and want to visit. Basically the Amazon Go store is a checkout free store. Literally walk in, grab a sandwich, some groceries and a drink and just walk out. You scan a barcode to start your shopping experience and grab anything you like and walk out. It will then charge your account. No checkout, no human interaction, sounds great. 


Cern doesn’t really shop at Whole Foods that often, but he will stop by to grab something quick. If you remember the Dana’s Bachelor Party Recap episode Chip, Cern, Dana, Joe and some other slap dicks drank at the Whole Foods outdoor beer garden. 


Amazon has totally changed the way people shop, not just online, but in store as well. This purchase of Whole Foods will change the way people shop for groceries. Cern thinks that this purchase is a play at Amazon going after and taking market share from Wal-Mart. 


Chip has sold some stuff on Amazon and it is pretty easy.


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