For a 3rd time Chip and Cern give you their Ask Chip and Cern Show. Chip and Cern are back with another version of Ask Chip and Cern. These are questions from anyone about anything. Dating, work, life, fantasy baseball or how to shave your ball sack. 

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Here are the questions and check the episode for the answers!

1: I’m moving out for the first time. What should I expect and what will change? I’m also 30 years old and single. 

2: URGENT: Parents won’t let me and girlfriend have sex in the house! Both in early 20s and don’t have money to move out. What should I do?

3.  I’m having second thoughts on getting engaged to my boyfriend. We have been together for a few years. I know he is looking for rings, but he has become a very boring and lazing person. We don’t have the same goals, dreams and desires. What do to?

4. Eating with a girl for the first time and don’t want to spend too much. Is getting Shake Shack and coffee too little?

5. Did I make the right decision to not be with this guy? We met at a party and made out on the first day. I got the feeling we were moving too fast. He doesn’t have a car, job and smokes cigs. 

6. How many guys get full Brazilian waxes (man)? I just got my first one. 

7. What are your best shower hacks?

8. Is it ok to negotiate your pay and salary in an interview? 

For the show. Chip and Cern throw it out there that they will get MANzillians for $300 PLUS the cost of the manzillains.

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