Chip and Cern have brought Alexa on board for a try out as a 3rd mic. Chip and Cern have about a dozen Amazon Alexa’s between them two. At the time of recording this was breaking, not fake, news. Bill Cosby’s trial has reached a verdict. 

Both Chip and Cern thought this trial would be a slam dunk and the 79 year old comedian actor would be locked away for the rest of his life. There was about 58 accusations of sexual assault, or other related sexual harassments. These accusations started back in the mid 1960’s.

The verdict was a mistrial and Cosby walks free. 

Cosby’s wife, Camille, was a strong supporter of Cosby throughout the accusations and trials. Both Chip and Cern were puzzled and seriously questioned that she had no idea that this stuff was happening. Cern says Cosby would host annual parties at the Playboy Mansion, which according to Wikipedia is true. No #fakenews here.

Chip recalls a creep clip from The Cosby Show where Cliff Huxtable made a special juice or sauce that made women really horny. Also he had his “Spanish Fly” comedy bit. 

Chip is really rocking the Wikipedia facts this show. No haters on the YouTube comments this week!

Cern tries to derail the pod by bringing up that George Lopez got divorced for hookers, but after a quick internet search there were limited facts to support that. 

Chip isn’t totally surprised about the mistrial because it was so long ago that this happened. No rape kits, Snapchat, photographs, etc. 

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