Chip and Cern are trying to help you out in life. First the help with navigating the holidays episode and now Black Friday. 

Speaking of Black Friday the Chip and Cern Show are offering FREE SHIPPING for any orders in the Chip and Cern Show Store.

Chip and Cern both take the day off to battle crowds and score some slick deals. It is called Black Friday because that is the day when companies would traditionally start to bring their books in to the black or break even.

When Chip and Cern started Black Friday shopping they would show up fully drunk and freeze their asses off inline at Target to get a tv. 

Black Fridays USED to start off at 4am on Friday, but over the years that time has been pushed earlier and earlier. So now they are starting to open their doors on Thanksgiving evening. People really took exception to this saying these companies were taking away from the family aspect of the holiday. People don’t remember that the employees of these companies have to get to the store mid day on Thanksgiving to prep the store. 

REI has taken a stance against Black Friday and have closed it’s doors in a protest of sorts. 

Chip and Cern use the Black Friday FM app and to scout all the early ads. 

Cyber Monday is an online only shopping day that you can usually score some really good deals on electronics. Cern usually will use Cyber Monday to clean up the stuff he wasn’t able to get on Black Friday. 

When Chip and Cern started Black Friday shopping a 40” plasma tv was $8000. Chip and Cern had to use Black Friday to get their big screen tv.

Cern once ran blocker for Chip to score a big screen tv. They were running through Target and Cern was sweeping on the outside blocking others to the TVs. After Chip threw the TV in the cart, they were on to the next item on the list.

Tip #1

Decide what you want MOST and what you want to lose out on least.

Tip #2

Map out your purchases at stores. Stores are staggering open times, so chose wisely. You can get a ton done at Target in the hours before Costco opens, so plan smart!

 Cern is eyeballing an Xbox One for himself this Black Friday. He also does get some clothes at Khols sometimes because they have some good deals. He stays away form the POS fireplaces, and other cheaply made things.

Some of these crazy TV deals aren’t actually as good as they are cracked up to be. Cern doesn’t fuck around with any of these knockoff TVs. 

Chip used to work at Circuit City in the TV department, but doesn’t have the latest and greatest TV out there. 

Cern loves the Black Friday FM app which has all the Black Friday ads. He makes a war room at it. 

Target has a 4K 50” TV for $250 bucks. That is a hell of a deal.

When you are looking for a ManCave, office or garage TV go with the cheap deal. Don’t compromise quality for your core living room TV.

Some products like Apple, Playstation, Xbox have a floor price that they cannot be sold less than that amount. 

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Cern will start holding back on purchases around Halloween because he will try to score those purchases at deep discount. Cern is looking at a new pair of Beats for work that are $110 bucks off.

Black Friday is a great time to pick DVDs, Blu Ray and the most popular video game. 

Chip says that hoover boards and drones are going to be the hot tech item of the year.

Chip says Cern needs to upgrade his gaming room TV, so it has been spoken!

If it plugs into a wall it is going to be on sale.

Chip is looking for a new TV for his workout area in the garage. He wants the biggest TV for the cheapest he can get it. There are also some good deals on mounts for these new TVs you are picking up. 

One time Chip’s buddy Matt took him TV shopping and Chip upsold him to a 70”. 

Chip and Cern rank Target as the best place to spend Black Friday in 2016. 

Here are the links for the popular stores. 

Target’s Black Friday Ad

Best Buy Black Friday Ad

Wal Mart Black Friday Ad

Costco’s Black Friday Ad

Home Depot’s Black Friday Ad

Cern tried to snag the Nintendo NES Classic at Target, but it sold out in minutes. He also ate a poinsettia plant when he was a toddler and had to get his stomach pumped. 

A lot of companies are trying to spread out the Black Friday boom to longer than just won day, so keep the eyes peeled for multi day deals. 

Cern might not bust down Home Depot’s doors, but he might stop in if he is in the area. He also wants to just shop until the sun comes up. 

Chip sees at 70” 4K TV at Best Buy that peeks his interest. 

Chip and Cern discuss how to split up to divide and conquer with your significant other during Black Friday. 

Has anyone Uber’d their Black Friday score back home. Putting a big screen tv into the Uber would be a sight to see. 

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