At Cern’s local gym, there isn’t much activity, but Cern has managed to get himself a nemesis. Chip and Cern are trying out the Facebook Live, so be sure to like Chip and Cern Show on Facebook


Cern loves Coconut Le Croix sparkling water, but Chip couldn’t drink it too often. 


Cern pays dues into this golf course he lives on. Part of that payment includes access to this gym that Cern and his family attend. Cern started going to the gym ever since the dog attack. Cern and his wife will head down to the gym after dinner and there will be at a maximum 1-2 folks besides Cern there. 


Cern would put the Thursday Night Football game on whilst running on the treadmill. Then Cern’s Nemesis comes into the gym, grabs the remote and changes the channel. One time he changed it to Titanic. 


The Nemesis also clears his throat with the cadence of 8-10 seconds and brings his sweaty shirt up to wipe his sweaty face exposing his out of shape and hairy belly. 


Cern has started to take the treadmill that his Nemesis likes to use. Cern also has started to take the remote for the tv and put it on his treadmill. 


Chip and Cern have determined that this guy has some OCD where he needs to touch the remote or adjust it to scratch that itch. 


Chip had a throat clearing person during a recent marathon and had to slow down to let this person pass him because he was about to be triggered. 


Someone threw an angry face down on the Facebook Live. 


Cern’s next move to battle the Gym Nemesis is to grab the remote and put it in his treadmill water bottle holder. Chip suggests removing the batteries and put the remote back because the guy would be thrown for such a loop. 


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