Out of the gate Chip and Cern would like to thank the fans! The Chip and Cern Show has surpassed 10,000 all-time downloads. A lot further than they ever thought from when they started up again less than two years ago. 


Cern is a homeowner, so his life is riddled with summer projects and a honey do list. Summer has ended, so commutes and school schedules are packed, but not the honey do list. 


Chip was texting Cern during NFL season kickoff about wanting to just sit back, relax, have some beers and just chill, but he was out working his ass off on some end of the summer projects. 


Matt, the mattress bamboozler, came over to use Chip’s power tools and make use of Chip’s free labor and space at his suburban house. Matt and Chip spent a solid 8-10 hours making cuts, fixing some power tools, and cleaning up Chip’s table saws. 


Cern was tasked to do some custom furniture for Natalie. Cern got more than he bargained for and his complete Sunday was shot as well assembling and building this desk. Cern thinks he was played because he can’t remember shit for the short term. Cern made some shelves and a make up desk with some cool reclaimed wood. Be sure to check out the 360 video to check it out. 


Chip’s wife wanted him to build a dining room table for their new house which should be ready in time for last year’s Thanksgiving. The table was done and dusted, but Chip forgot one key part which caused the table to twist and warp over the last year. Chip now took off the table top, cut it up and made a desk for his wife. Now Chip has to make the new table top before this year’s Thanksgiving, which he is already up against it this year again. 


Cern takes a look at the NFL Power Rankings and the 49ers are ranked 31 of 32 teams. Dog shit, bottom of the barrel. 


As they are winding down the show, Cern boots it back up. There is a sweet saw called a SawStop where if the blade hits a finger it will drop down and the finger doesn’t even get nicked. Chip and Cern were both amazed by this technology. Do yourself a favor and watch the video. 


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