Chip gets invited to hit some fancy golf at a private members only country club. Chip and Cern don’t really golf that much, but when they do they love to podcast about it. When golfing with Chip and Cern you can be sure to have a good time and there will be not too much taking seriously. 


Chip’s “other friends” type A triathletes invited him to the Bay Club to celebrate a new baby! Chip did some scouting on this golf course the day before because it was 5 minutes from his house. He did some research on the cost and you have to be a member of the club to even tee up at this course. The green fees are $150 for 18 holes, not a wise investment for the type of golf that Chip can play. 


Chip describes his arrival at this fancy pants golf course and he realizes that he is the only one that doesn’t have golf shoes. Chip hits golf in his Chuck Taylor high tops. 


The golf cart has ice chest on board, waters loaded in, tees already in the cart, touch screen iPad electric scorecard on board, and USB phone charger ports. This golf cart was nicer than Joe’s car. 


The guys get ready to tee off on the 1st hole and Chip runs into one. Chip started off pretty decent, but after about 7,8 and 9 the wheels really started to come off for Chip. The front 9 was decent for Chip, but the back 9 was dog shit. 


Chip calls out his friend Jeff for his shady AF scorekeeping. He was saying he hasn’t golfed in 6 years, so he did alright all things considered. He wouldn’t keep good track of his strokes that he doesn’t like, and this upset Chip for a few holes. 


When Chip and Cern golf it isn’t very long until the first beers are opened. The tee time was 7:30a, so after the front 9 it was about 9:30, but Chip was more than ready for a beer. 


The service the entire day at the Bay Club at StoneTree was top notch. 


Every year Cern’s company hosts a golf tourney that Chip, Joe and Dana all attend. It is a best ball tournament that is a ton of fun. Chip and Cern will do a pregame show and hopefully get the elusive Joe on the podcast. 


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