Chip starts the podcast out talking in 3rd person, maybe it is the Gose beers talking from Anderson Valley Brewing Company. Cern loves the G&T which is after the Gin & Tonic which was Cern’s stand by drink for many years. If you have a favorite sour beer send us a tweet at @chipandcernshow on Twitter. 

Chip, according to Cern, doesn’t toot his own horn a lot, but he says deep down in his core he is a good person. Chip and Cern always chat during the day like friends and lovers tend to do. 

Chip was headed to Costco and snagged a sweet EV charging spot which is highly coveted. When he got out of his car he went to snag the cart that the guy who just left the cart there. When Chip walked up to the cart there was a several thousand dollar DSLR Nikon camera with a baller ass lens sitting in the cart. The person before had clearly left it behind. Chip wanted to return the camera to the person and put it back in his trunk before running his errands to Costco and Target.

Chip looked it up on Amazon and the body of the camera was 2k and the lens was 2k as well. Chip looked at the SD card to see if this person left any contact info on it. This person had a label maker with his last name on the camera. It wasn’t a super unique last name, but Chip took to Facebook and messaged a few people who fit the description of what Chip saw in Costco parking lot. 

In Facebook Messenger, Chip send this message to the suspects, “Hey were you at Costco in Novato. I think you lost something and I might have it.”

5 messages later, no response.

Cern said he would look for a few hours to find the owner. Cern, like Chip was looking to avoid some bad juju, and would look for the owner. 

Chip had Suspect #1 and Googled this guy on the White Pages and called him on his home phone. The guy picked up and said he saw Chip’s message, but he didn’t lose the camera. This was day 2 on the case and the case went COLD. Everyone knows if you don’t find the missing person in the first 48, well, RIP.

Day 3: comes around and Chip calls Costco to report the lost camera to their lost and found area. 

Day 4: Nothing. The case was cold. 

Day 5: Costco’s Loss Prevention calls Chip asking him some questions about where he lives, and if he can just drop the camera by Costco so they can return. The guy then told Chip to leave his contact info, which he already had because he was calling Chip on his phone. The Costco person then said, “well the Novato Police are involved as well, so we might just let them handle it.”

Day 6: Chip drove to the Novato Police Station which is a few miles from his house. Chip didn’t really even want to keep the camera because it was so nice and he couldn’t really even use it. He put the camera in a brown Trader Joe’s bag and went with his daughter to the Police Station. Chip explained the situation to the officer including age, height, car model, year and color. The officer was pretty fed up with all the info Chip was providing. The camera was so big it wouldn’t fit in their   dual secure area. He asked for the guy to give him a call when he picks the camera up. 

Chip was disappointed in the lack of fanfare and wasn’t sure what he expected. Cern said he should have got the key to the City. Chip was hoping for a write up in the paper for Novato Citizen of the Week. 

Cern once saw a lady drop $100 from her purse in the grocery story and retired it much to the lady’s surprise. 

Chip once lost his GoPro that he set down to record as he road his bike by, so that was $300 in the hole there. 

Chip has decided to avoid the headache and just go right in and return the camera to the store right away. 

Cern thinks Chip very well could have been a suspect in the missing camera case. 

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