Chip’s Roomba ran over some dog poop in the living room and as you might imagine that caused a messy situation. Chip’s day was turning out to be a great one, a nice lunch in wine country, a potential afternoon delight with the Mrs. and starting a 2-week vacation. Well, Chip’s wife comes in the door from the garage and yells, “It smells like shit in here, the Roomba ran over dog shit!” Hear how this story unfolds and what happened to the iRobot on this episode of the Chip and Cern Show.

Chip describes the scene where his Roomba ran over a few dog turds. Early Christmas gifts were forced, so Chip’s wife went to Costco to get a steam cleaner which she had been wanting for some time now. 

To top this all off Chip’s mom was coming over the next day for some holiday festivities. So cleaning the house was a top priority for everyone. 

Chip’s job became to clean the Roomba. On first look there is poop smeared all over the bottom of the Roomba, in the wheels, in the gears, in short, it was everywhere. Chip spent at least an hour cleaning the poop Roomba with a toothbrush, air compressor, and soap and hot water. 

Side note: Cern is really into watching Trailer Park Boys now. 

With the new steam cleaner, all the damage was cleaned up. Chip’s wife put one of those oil defusers out to have it smelling all nice and fresh. 

Chip thought he did a great job cleaning the Roomba, but it still smelled like poop.

Chip wasn’t about to have a $600 poop smelling robot vacuum, so he swapped it out at Costco for a brand new fresh Roomba. 

All robot vacuum order has been restored in the Chip Household.

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