Chip went on a (childless) cruise on the open seas for about 7 days. Unlimited drinking package, food and did he mention no kid? Hear the recap, all about Harry Potter land in Florida and all about Chip’s vacation on this recap. 

On a Friday Chip and his wife left for Florida from San Francisco to enjoy 9 days of vacation. Friday was travel, and Saturday was spent at Universal Studios and more specifically the Harry Potter area.  The Florida weather, walking around all day, and just general being outside all day Chip and his Mrs. was in need or a beer. Chip’s wife got a few Butter Beers (which isn’t actually beer), and Chip really wanted to quench his thirst after a loopy roller coaster, but there was no Butter Beer left after his wife polished it off.

After a big day walking around at the theme park Chip and his wife went to Yardhouse to quench their thirst and enjoy some half decent food. At Yardhouse they were surrounded by idiot amateurs drinking out of the half yard glasses like a couple of rookies. The couple next to Chip was on maybe a 3rd date or something, but not totally sure. He comes to the bar and asked the bar tender for a cinnamon beer. He was honestly surprised by this answer and really taken back. Then he just picked a random beer off the tap and ordered that. It came served in a goblet and this was really thrown off and appalled by the glass it was served in. This really upset Chip because he just tried to order a Big Red beer off the menu.

Chip and his wife got some free hotel credit and got served a massive cheese plate with no crackers or vessel for the cheese to be served on. The lady brought up 8 packs of saltines crackers that you usually get with your cheap ass soup. 


Finally Chip get’s to telling the story about the cruise which was 7/9 days of the vacation. 


Chip, his wife and their new cruise friends all had the unlimited cruise package, so lots of drinking was had. Chip and his new cruise friend drank a few bars out of Dos Equis which was the beer of choice for Chip. In the spa early on Chip and his new bestie were doing some calculations on how to eat into the cruise ship’s booze profits on the unlimited drink package. 


The cruise stopped at the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands and St. Martens. On one stop Chip was very intrigued by some island marketing that said “2 beers and 1 cigar for $2.99.” 6 beers, and a few dresses and more souvenirs later they were on their way out of the store. 


Cern and his wife went on a cruise for their honeymoon a few year ago. They were off the coast of Mexico. Cern didn’t spring for the unlimited drink package because it would have been drinking solo. Cern did a shot with a retailer in Mexico before buying a purse for his wife. That must have closed the deal. 


A big part of the vacation for Chip was the ability to catch some regional Pokemon that aren’t available in any other part of the world. Chip had Cern’s log in info for Pokemon so he could catch them for Cern. After much hunting Chip was able to secure two rare Pokemon for Cern. At Airport Beach in St. Maarten Chip scored a rare one for Cern. Vacation success. 


Cern’s wife once bought him a Horchata Rockstar energy drink that has actual Horchata in it mixed with some Rockstar stuff. If you have tried this we want to know. Tweet us at @chipandcernshow.


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