Chip and Cern have given up on the SF Giants season and are ready to move onto football. If you remember last year there was a pick em league that was a lot of fun with all the Chip and Cern crew that you know and love. This year they are firing it up again and you are invited! Stat Boy Dana comes on to school Chip on some football knowledge, pick on Cern’s team the Rams and of course some Joe roasting. 

Chip broadcasts right out of the gate that Joe was invited several days in advance, but is not on the podcast. At one point this year the Giants are in dead last place, the Dodgers are in first and Trump is POTUS, what has this world coming to. 

Cern starts mother fucking his entire fantasy baseball team and Chip decided to call up Joe, but he doesn’t seem like he wants to pick up. The phone rings, but Joe doesn’t answer. The reason why Chip and Cern wanted to talk to Joe is because he is the commish of the Chip and Cern Show Fantasy Football League. Dana takes exception with this saying it is “Fantasy Pick ‘em Pool” and Dana starts dropping some knowledge about how the league should be set up. Dana roasts on Chip because he doesn’t know about fantasy football or any football in general. =

Chip just wants an easy league to put a little amount of vested interest in to Sundays, Mondays and now even Thursdays. Joe and Chip have fundamental differences in what they want in a fantasy league. 8 minutes in and the first Joe roast are flying fast and furious. Chip restates time and time again he didn’t want to do this, but Joe was asking for it by not picking up his phone. 

Chip got 2nd place in this league last year. There was about 30+ members in this league last year. 

Dana proposes another side bet with the Chip and Cern chat and it is decided about a 6 pack beer bet. 

The Chip and Cern Show Pick ‘em Fantasy League is as follows. Head to head, but with confidence points. You put a number 1-16 on each game ranking which think will be the lock. 16 is the game you are most confident in and 1 is the game which you are the least confident about. This is ran in Yahoo and the entry fee is $50 for the season. Each weekly winner gets paid $50, so you get your money back. The remaining pool of money will be split up for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Should be several hundred bucks for the winner at the end of the season. 

Chip, Cern and Dana discuss the frustrations of picking against the spread. 

The boys start checking out the 1st week’s matchups and discussing strategies. 

Chip tries to call Joe again to get his comment, but again he doesn’t pick up. As you might imagine a Joe roast follows his lack of picking up. 

Chip dives into the New York Times article about all of the donated football brains. 98% of these brains they got had signs of CTE and within a day or two of this report being released some NFL players retired. These injuries are from years of repeated head injuries going untreated. Even some brains as young as 23 years old showed signs of this. Chip and Cern both agreed they wouldn’t be down with their kids playing tackle football. Cern says that some areas will still be all in on football because it is their way to big money and fame in the areas that they live. Chip starts talking about some technology that may or may not exist. 

Cern has the NFL Pre-Season Power Rankings up to get Dana’s comment. The Pats are #1 and that is no surprise to anyone. 

Cern brings up the Super Bowl odds for the 2017-18 Super Bowl. 

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