Guardians of the Galaxy

Chip and Cern are talking about all things Guardians of the Galaxy. Chip has never heard of this from the comic book. Cern has seen both for a while and is a fan. 

Chip has seen all the movies ass-backward. He saw the newest Infinity War movie, so he saw all the characters before seeing the OG movie. 

Chip and his wife did some Marvel binge watching. 

Groot is a household favorite for both Chip and Cern’s house. 

Chip and Cern need to look up how much Vin Diesel made for his part in Groot. Chip and Cern came across some site online that he made 54 million bucks. Chip and Cern were so motivated by that they did their own Groot sounds. 

Pretty much all the main stars in the Avengers had some fat paydays. 

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