The biggest Chip and Cern Show ever! 5 guests flood the studio as young and old gather around to hatch this season’s hottest toy a Hatchimal! Will it be a Penguala or a Draggle? What color? And most importantly will it curse?

Chip and Cern rolled out the welcome mat for everyone from Chip’s daughter to Cern’s wife. 


Charlee: 15 months

Jeffrey: 4 years old

Zack: 9 years old

Chip’s wife, Kristen

Cern’s wife, Robin (age unknown)

Jeffrey and Zack were pretty pumped to hatch this thing. There are a few different breads of Hatchimal and it will chose us. The egg was way smaller than the box lead everyone to believe. Chip thought it was as big as a football, but it was more along the size of an emu egg. 



The Hatchimal’s eyes lit up and started talking which startled Chip. The guest stroke the egg and it starts lighting up and breathing. 

Cern reads off the play by play for the color of the eyes as they change. Each color eye means do a different activity to the egg. 

The egg gets rubbed, patted and stroked whilst it makes noises and talks. The egg receives some spankings.

Chip read that some Hatchimals are cursing in the kids room and he wants one. 

Stage 1: Nature the egg. The eggs eye color changes which requires different actions. 

Stage 2: Hatching the egg. This thing starts to peck out of its shell. 

Chip does some Google stuff and finds out that a toddler is between 12 months and 36 months.

The Hatchimal pecks! The excitement grows in the room. It keeps flashing, then it will start pecking.

Zach claims that the Hatchimal is speaking in Spanish. The pecking starts fast and furious.

The shells is still not cracked, despite numerous pecking sounds.

Chip and Cern are just loaded with stroking jokes about their wives. 

Chip and Cern give the egg a few strokes and it starts poking through. 

The dog, Ari is very freaked out by the hatching egg. 

The beak is green according to early reports by Zach. 

Cern gets pulled away for a bathroom emergency as the Hatchimal keeps pecking its way though the egg.

The ground crew gives it 75% cracked. 

The Hatchimal has fallen asleep and is snoring.

Chip and Cern examines the broken shell. It is a weird foam material, but the shell is very realistic. 

The Hatchimal keeps trying to go back to sleep, but the ground crew is keeping the stroking up. 



Chip and Cern get a purple color call out from the ground crew. They can see through the broken shell pieces. We are at 90% hatched. 

Zach took the top of the egg off. Chip and Cern are taking a look at it. There was some wheel on the  inside that helps it spin around. 

Cern reads the instructions to see how to take this thing out.

The final hatched being is a dark purple, almost plum, Draggles. 

Looks like a Jurassic Park egg when the t rex hatched.

The Hatchimal thinks it is still in the shell and trying to peck out. 

Now that the Draggle has hatched you can interact with it in different ways. 

It sings it happy birthday song. 

Chip and Cern have had their first live birth on the podcast. 

The kids had a lot of fun hatching the eggs. 

Chip and Cern will recommend the Hatchimal as a great gift or just fun night with the family. 

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