As most of the loyal listener’s know The Chip and Cern Show is the place to be. Young and old, ugly and beautiful, man, woman or otherwise Chip and Cern cater to all. Natalie, a 16-year-old super fan, and resident of Cern’s house have been begging nonstop to be a guest on the shop. Chip and Cern made her pay top dollar via Patreon to get the chance to jump on the 3rd mic. She came prepared with some questions about boys. It has been a while since Chip and Cern have been in high school, but they gave answers none the less.


Natalie is the young age of 16 and a junior in high school but has many questions written down to learn from the greatness that is Chip and Cern. 


Chip and Cern go over a few basics of being 16 years old. How the driving rules have changed in the 15 or so years since Chip and Cern needed to take the driving test. Natalie said getting her drivers license will be the most exciting moment in her life. Chip and Cern talk through how she is going to have to drive them around whilst they have been drinking. 


Chip and Cern discuss Junior Year of High School and how much fun they had and where they ranked on the “cool factor” vs all of their classmates. Natalie then tells Chip and Cern what a “cool kid” is like in 2017. Smoking weed, no cars or their mom’s old car, not good at school, and don’t play sports. They also go to lots of parties, which Chip and Cern didn’t go to many parties in high school for some reason. 


Coming soon Chip and Cern Show will have a 360 video on YouTube that you can watch along.


Chip and Cern go into one of their math teachers that didn’t like Chip at all. They speculate that he might be dead.


Natalie is looking for some high school boy advice, so the following questions are from a 16-year-old girl looking for advice from Chip and Cern.


  1. When you text them and they don’t reply for 5 or 6 hours is it ok to send them a follow-up text?
  2. What are some convo starters for guys? To start a convo with guys. 
  3. What does it mean when guys have short replies like “lol” “good”?
  4. What is it like to make the first move?
  5. How do you feel after making the move?
  6. Do guys text their friends about stuff that they did with girls?
  7. Do guys watch their dates eat?
  8. Do guys over exaggerate things to their friends?
  9. What do guys consider a date without calling it a date?


Chip then digs in with some questions of his own. He obviously is trying to cover his bases about his daughter’s future. 


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