Chip and Cern are educating about how to navigate the holidays with family. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Xmas, Kwanza or whatever you like.

Both Chip and Cern are HOSTING Thanksgiving this year for the first time in their lives. Chip is having around 10 people over and Cern is having about the same over. Most of big deal of the holidays is the family members that stress out other family members. 

Cern’s Tip to Navigate the Holidays is play it cool when stressed and find your zone drinking. Not too much to start, but just right. 

Chip’s Tip to Navigate the Holidays is don’t hit the sauce too hard too early. Get to the good buzz and then back off a bit. Chip starts with a drink to take the edge off, but if you aren’t careful it could be disaster. Lay off the hard stuff early. Save the scotch for after dinner. 

Chip has been lucky enough to avoid any fights where two family members are at each other’s throats the entire dinner. Cern sorta had this situation at his brother’s ex girlfriend’s family that played out like a movie. Chip would just not invite the people that have the problems. Don’t get your day ruined by some family member’s inability to get over themselves. 

Both Chip and Cern say the Winter Holiday is much harder to navigate than Thanksgiving. At least in Thanksgiving there is the football game’s, tons of wine and food. Chip again recommends eliminating any stresses that would be any problems.

Traveling during the holidays is a bit different story because you have to be driving around and can’t get sloppy drunk. You have to also keep the peace at home, so you can’t piss off the wife and kids because she had to baby sit you. 

Chip and Cern recommend picking and sticking to chatting with one of your favorite relatives that you don’t see that often, but really connect well with. 

Cern says Thanksgiving is just pretty much a little longer dinner. Cern says get there no earlier than you need to. 

Saddle up to that uncle that knows the shit out of mid 80’s Giants baseball. Dave Dravecky is still alive and still has one arm. The other one arm pitcher Jim Abbot is still alive as well also with one and a half arms. Cern then breaks down how Jim Abbot would rest the glove on his wrist. 

If you have kids, put them to work Cern says. Dishes, scraps and refilling drinks is all within the skill set of many youth. 

Cern hates stuffing, gravy and isn’t even a big fan of turkey. Chip digs deeper into Cern’s Thanksgiving plate. Turkey, salad, mash and a roll/biscuit. No cranberry, no casserole, but green beans is ok. Sounds like Cern is a basic ass bitch. 

There is 3 NFL games lined up for Thanksgiving. Starting at 9:30am Pacific which is the Vikings v Lions. Then the Redskins Cowboys at 1:30 and followed up by the Steelers v Colts at 5:30pm.

Chip is already having anxiety about the holidays, just thinking about it. If you have any tips or tricks for Chip send them in. 

One last pro tip from Cern. If any conversation around politics or anything comes about play it off like you aren’t listening or just get up and leave and refill your wine. With that glass of wine go park yourself on the sofa and watch the pigskin.

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