Chip and Cern don’t dive into politics that often, but like any good rule there are always exceptions. Trump has been talking about meeting the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. There were talks about this meeting for many months but then canceled last minute by Trump. After an interesting letter to the Jong-un, the meeting was back on.


Chip and Cern bring up the fact that when Obama brought up the fact that he would be willing to talk with Jong-un the Fox News network lost their shit.


Chip feels that yes if they denuclearize, then it would be good for the world, but Cern saw through all that smoke and mirrors to see that it was nothing.


There was no research done on Trump’s part for the meeting. Chip knows that the Trump apologist would say that is because he is such a great businessman. Chip usually listens to what Trump says and when he repeats certain phrases he repeats over and over, which means it is in-fact the opposite of what he is saying.


Cern reads some FACTS about the what the “comprehensive agreement” actually covers. There isn’t a lot of substance or new commitments in this agreement. If there were a few words to describe this agreement it would be “flimsy, vague and non-committal."


Chip and Cern learn a new word: repatriation.


Chip and Cern read off all the times that North Korea has commits to reduce or eliminate their nuclear program, several times under several different Presidents.


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