Runaway Train 25

Chip and Cern have long bonded over Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train song and it even served as the Chip and Cern unofficial theme song. It is their song, that is sweet. Chip and Cern discuss the updated Runaway Train song that was made for the 25 years ago. Chip and Cern tune into the new remixed song, provide their feedback and more on this episode of the Chip and Cern Show. #runawaytrain25

Chip’s nearly 4 year old daughter told him for the first time that she didn’t like the music he had on and Cern’s son told him to leave it on Post Malone. The big thing about the Runaway Train song was the music video which featured missing children, so this new one took that same vain and featured missing children in the music video.

The new Runaway Train 25 is by Jamie N Commons, Skylar Grey - Runaway Train ft. Gallant.

Here are the top songs by each artist in the Runaway Train 25:

Jamie N Commons: Jungle-Remix

Skylar Grey: Wreck Havoc

Gallant: Weight in Gold

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