The Connected Home

Chip and Cern are all about all things smart home. They discuss their setups, trends and what they are looking for on the horizon of smart and connected homes. 

Cern has two Nest thermostats, a gaggle of Amazon Echos, Roombas, Tiles, smart scale and Ring doorbell and smart lock. Cern is looking to get some camera to add to his set up.

Chip has a handful of Amazon Echos, Roombas, Nest thermostat, Nest protect, Nest doorbell thing, tons of smart plugs and lights. Chip is now looking at switching over to Google Home products because of his deep investment in Nest products. Chip does recognize that this is absurd to switch it over pretty much just because. 

The Google Home Hub is what is really appealing to Chip because it is an easy to control hub for all the smart products. That is the big miss that Chip sees. After some light Googling they found that Samsung does offer this type of product. 

Chip is also really into this Google Max speaker that is loud AF, but also cost $400 each. 

Chip and Cern share a story when they got burned by one of the OG GPS from Tom Tom. They didnt have live traffic updates and all that stuff that Waze just has standard. 

What does your connected home set up look like? 

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