The trailer for the newest Star Wars: The Last Jedi has dropped and Chip and Cern weigh in. Luke’s 


If you missed the Force Awakens episode give that a listen here. Chip and Cern commit to watching Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Also there is a Chip and Cern man-date planned to watch the Last Jedi in December. Chip and Cern holding hands and sharing a popcorn. 


View the trailer with Chip and Cern:



Both Chip and Cern are very curious about what they mean when they say “the last” does this lady die? Or what is the deal? Both Chip and Cern assume that she is the last Jedi. 


Cern wants to know what Luke means by “the Jedi has to end.” The Batman needs the Joker and Superman needs Lex Luthor, so without the Jedi will evil need to be around?


Chip predicts that there will be more Jedi discovered by the end of this movie. 


Chip got duped into some YouTube click bait shot by shot breakdown of the trailer. Chip and Cern tapped out after a few moments. 


To no surprise the Star Wars movies have made some fat cash. Every movies had made over 1 billion in the box office. 


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