Chip and Cern bring on Stat Boy Dana to talk all things Super Bowl LI. How did the playoffs shake up? What is the spread on the big game and other strange bets you can take on the Super Bowl. Also why is Cern such a huge Tom Brady fan? All these questions answered and more on this episode of the Chip and Cern Show.

Super Bowl LI or 51 for the nonRomans is happening on Feb 5th, 2017 and Chip and Cern have your preview show ready to rock! Cern shows up to the podcast recording with his Tom Brady Under Armor shoes on which sets the tone for his excitement level. 

Cern clears the record on air. 49ers are Cern’s #1 hated team followed by the Pats. 

Chip struggled over some words describing the Seahawks’ game against the Falcons. 

The Wildcard went very predictably, but Dana wanted the Giants to go a bit further because he had a cool $50 on the Football Giants winning the Super Bowl. The Divisional round went a bit better and there was a few really solid games in there. 

Dana was drinking a nice 12 pack of Fat Tire which he won from a bet with Cern about the Rams v 9ers games. 

Joe got some squares set up for the big game. Dana bought the max 5 squares, Chip bought 2 for himself and 2 for his wife. Joe bought 5. Footballs squares is a fun and cheap way to “bet” on the game that helps you pay attention and have something investing in the game. 

Heads up who WINS:




Joe (despite not being on the phone): FALCONS

Here is Cern’s wall paper for his work computer. 


The line on the game is New England -3. So they have to win by 3.5 points. The over/under is 59 points. 

Dana loves the 2 TD bets and the odds are pretty good. Cern pulled the odds for the beginning of the year and the Falcons were a 40:1 odds and the Pats were 8:1 odds. For the 2018 season the Browns and 49ers are 300:1 odds to win the Super Bowl in 2018. 

Lady Gaga has a few prop bets for her Halftime Show. What hair color will she have? What song will she sing first? Will she preform on the roof? Will she expose her titty or beaver? If you want action on these place your abets now!

Super Bowl Halftime Show, do you HAVE to watch? Depends if you like the performer, but most of the Chip and Cern Show is going outside to throw around the football.

For Super Bowls everyone would go to Tony’s house and start drinking around 11am playing Wii. By the time the game started Cern and Chip would be tossed already. That would always lead to a high level of shenanigans before, during and after the game. 

The podcast gets a bit distracted and Chip and Cern relive a few really drunk outing with the boys. 4th of July, Super Bowl and any other day that ends in a Y was a good excuse to tie one on. 

Cern bets Dana and Chip a 6 pack that the game will cover the over. 

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