New cool stuff at the Chip and Cern Show. We now are recording the podcasts in 360 degrees on the Samsung Gear 360. Chip’s dog Zoe is going ham and Chip is getting frustrated, but the AVBC Briney Melon Gose a sour beer. Chip played some fancy golf and is sharpening his skills in preparation for Cern’s company’s annual golf event. 

A few Sunday’s ago Cern, Joe, Dana and Tony hit some golf. This was the same place were everyone played for Cern’s birthday. This round of golf, Joe took Cern under his wing to coach him up.

The temp was over 100 degrees and the tee time was 10:30am. When everyone was in the parking lot there was a “truce, truce” about any bag dumps out of the cart which is Chip’s main move. The golf carts were fitted with some GPS and distance screen. It was so hot that Cern couldn’t partake in lunch. The group was outraged by lack of a refreshments cart provided.

Cern beat Tony on the front 9, then everyone broke for lunch at the halfway point which caused everyone to cool down a bit. Dana slipped below everyone on the back 9 and pulled up the rear. The final scoring was Joe, Tony, Cern and Dana. 

Dana is still using his father in laws golf clubs and Chip and Cern

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