Join us today for the second part of Chip’s Mattress Situation. Chip got bamboozled by a “friend” and Chip has been suffering the consequences for months. If you missed the first part of the Mattress Situation be sure to listen. 


Chip and his wife were able to find someone on Craigslist to look at the mattress. Chip and his wife were invested $500 into the bamboozle mattress. The Craigslist people sat on the mattress and commented about the firmness and jokingly asking about what the return policy is. Chip wasn’t holding out hope for this sale. It was listen on Craigslist for $500 and they offered $400. Chip knew the answer already, but had to slow play it because he didn’t want to spoil the sale. The agreed on the $400 and the money was exchanged. Chip help load this burden of a mattress into this sucker’s truck. They pull out of the driveway and go to flip around in the court and Chip’s wife says “I cannot believe they bought it,” while the widows were down and they were well within an earshot. Chip drove right to the bank and deposited the cash to “clear the purchase” ASAP.


Matt, the bamboozler, offered to take Chip and his wife out to a dinner to make up for this. Chip should have used a burner phone for the Craigslist transaction, so they couldn’t contact them for  a return. 


Now onto mattress #2. Bear Mattress. Right away too firm, so Chip and his wife got a 3” cooling foam mattress topper, which ironically made his wife too hot. After 2 months on this mattress, Chip’s wife couldn’t take it anymore. Time to return this mattress, which luckily they had 100 day trial period. 


For mattress #3, Chip and his wife decided on a Purple Mattress. Chip feels he was duped by the cool marketing they have on Facebook and YouTube. Chip text Cern’s little brother to get his thoughts on the mattress, but he was of almost zero help. 


Night one with the Purple mattress and Chip HATES it! #mattressdiva


Chip and his wife need to return the Purple now. 


Now Chip and his wife are in the market for mattress #4. They are going to go to Mattress Firm which is your classic big box mattress store. Chip laid on a few mattresses and they were amazing. 


Cern shares his story of how he laid on a bed in some random mattress store which ended with him leaving the store with a new mattress. 


Cern has pulled up a top 10 list of mattress rankings and they go though the list. Chip does notice that there is not any “bed in a box” brands like Casper, Purple and others. 


Chip is to the point where he just wants to get it over with and good night’s sleep. 


Chip’s opinion is that these mattress in a box brands are not very good for the type of sleeper he is. 


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