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Cern notices that Chip has a mattress in the living room leaning up against the wall. Cern sleeps on a Cal King mattress and Chip starts going into his mattress story. Chip and his wife have long been looking to upgrade to a bigger mattress since the toddler and two dogs will sometimes join in the nighttime sleep routine. He was sold a mattress from a so called friend who pretty much bamboozled Chip and his wife who have been sleeping in a Queen sized bed for many years. 

Matt sold Chip and his wife a $2000 cal king mattress for $450. Great deal, or so they thought. Chip went by his house with the kiddo and sat on the mattress to try it out. Chip gave it the sit test and thought it felt firm, but moved forward with the purchase anyways. 

Chip had to pay $100 to have the mattress delivered to his house in Novato because he doesn’t have a truck or car big enough to haul the mattress North. 

The mattress was delivered and the excitement level was off the charts. 

Chip moved the old bed a huge frame into the spare bedroom. He worked up a sweat doing all this work by myself. 

Night 1 of the new bed was horrible. Chip couldn’t fall asleep and his wife woke him up in the middle of the night to complain about the mattress.

Night 2 Chip and his wife added a foam pillow topper to the mattress, but it still no go on the mattress.

Night 3 was no better, and Chip’s wife has given up.

Chip starts doing some mattress reviews and placed an order for a new highly rated Bear Mattress

Now Chip has to sell this mattress and try to recoup his $550. Chip and his wife decided to list the mattress up Craigslist, LetGo and Facebook Marketplace. They have it listed for $1200 and then when someone offers $700 they think they are getting a steal. That game plan is out the window and the mattress is listed now at $400. 

Cern has some of his own mattress stories. He laid on one mattress in the store and went home with a new mattress. 

Matt, the bamboozler, offered to cover the lost costs on the mattress. 

Cern says Chip is in the right by trying to get every last dollar out of it. 

Chip’s wife isn’t totally sold on the new mattress, so they got a gel cooling mattress topper from Costco. Chip loves the topper. 

UPDATE: Chip sold the mattress for $400. Matt, the bamboozler, has promised Chip and his wife a nice dinner to make up for the bamboozling. 

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