A new Chip and Cern Show Series: The People v OJ

Special guest Dana in studio. The original OJ stuff happening in 1994 when Chip, Cern and Dana were all in 1st grade, so not a lot of memories from the actual events as they were happening.

The cast is: 

Cuba Gooding Jr. as OJ “JUICE” Simpson

Sara Paulson as Marcia Clark

ROSS David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian or Bobby as Chip calls him

John Travolta as Robert Shapiro

 Cern and Dana wen’t totally thrilled with the Cuba Gooding Jr. as JUICE. 

Rodney King stuff to start the show. Looting, crazy ass police. Never really was old old enough to understand it. 

Dumb dog blew it for Juice. Hella evidence all over. HEY A WHITE BRONCO. Well 3mins in and cops are breaking rules. Juice had a nice fat pad. Humble guy with a giant bronze statue in his house. OJ seemed shaken up. Lots of paintings about himself. 

Cuba had a very heavy look upon his face. Cern appreciates the director’s direction he gave Cuba. 

Does he really go by Juice ALL THE TIME? 3rd person talking Juice. 

Johnny Cochran had hundreds of suits. Rich AF.

Marsha is a real bitch. Bobby Kardashian. OJ always looking like he is on the struggle bus. Oh shit JUICE cut his finger. 

Dana is dropping OJ knowledge.

Cern thinks Ving Rhames should have been cast as JUICE.

Chip was so annoyed about the Kardashian daughters being shoe horned into the show for no reason. 

Cern things Cuba should have gone on the roids to bulk up for the role.

JUICE doesn’t really have a solid story. Marsha is pissed at OJ cause he is a woman beater.

OJ likes dem pills. Howard is dropping the ball. Travolta/Shipero is a creep lol. Marsha the bitch hates ol redhead Bill. 

“OJ did you do it?” NO. This mofo sounds like Tracy Morgan. Marsha loves cigs. Flunked the lie detector. Bobby Kardashian is pissed. A bit over the top with the drama of stuff i.e. after the lie detector test. Popping the pills. It would have been cool to see some actual newspaper pics from the funeral or these different events. Open casket? 

Chip wanted to start checking the facts, articles and pics. Seems like everyone thought he was guilty. 

Evidence is a lock on this shit. This evidence would have put Steve Avery in the chair. 

The 5-0 cutting deals with them to bring him in and stuff. 

Spicoli got all lawyered up. OJ writing all sorts of letters and shit on the pills. Kim’s bedroom ugh enough with the shoehorning. 

Did they really call him Juice all the time? Bronco is gone! Drives horrible for a get away driver. Again would have liked to see some actual footage. 

Chip and Cern weren't hooked by the 1st episode. Dana just wanted to see the trial episodes. Dana promises that the trial will be very entertaining.

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