Chip and Cern, surprisingly, have regular day jobs and as many of the common folk experience frustrations, oddities and other things with their coworkers. If you like this you need to check out the Reply All episode where Chip and Cern have a solid vent session over some office silliness. Cern has a coffee nemesis at his office.


Chip’s work has a shower where he will shower after a run on lunch or after riding his bike into work. In the bathroom he as noticed there is a full oral hygiene set up in there. Floss, toothbrush, mouthwash and toothpaste in the corner of the counter. Chip isn’t anti-toothbrushing, but leaving it out on the counter seems a bit odd, thus how it came on the podcast. Chip thinks this person has a deep OCD about being clean, and he has two primary suspects. One person he has run into them in the act of tooth brushing. The thing that bugged Chip the most was the fact that is was left out for everyone to see. This person should get a Dobb kit and keep it by their desk for use later. Unless they are sleeping at the office, oral hygiene stuff should be kept away. 


At Cern’s office there is a serial complainer. She is a vegetarian, like Chip, but complains about every meal that she gets ordered. Cern is respectful and orders this person her own meal that conforms with her dietary restrictions. She came to Cern after a meal and asks for him to complain back to the company about the free meal she got from the company. This is what really grinds Cern’s gears.


Chip now shares about the “Tupperware Crew” at work. These group of people will bring their tupperware and after people finish their first round of food will take a pass and load up two to three tupperwares each full of food. Several times people get out late from a lunch meeting and come for food, but there won’t be any left because the Tupperware Crew has done their pass. The office manager has sent out several office wide emails about not doing this.  


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