Friend of the show @RZCole wrote an article on his Medium blog “Is the Kid Ready for Bull Durham” and Chip and Cern weigh in on this. RZ Cole’s son is 8 years old, so he is vetting if these classic baseball movies are ready for viewing by a youngster. 


Of course Chip and Cern co-sign this movie. So many great scenes, lines and generally awesome movie. For an 8 year old there might be some things to explain, but overall a great movie. 

A League of Their Own

Chip drops a #truthbomb that he hasn’t ever seen this movie. Cern actually likes the movie and says it has some decent lines in it. Cern gives his co-sign and Chip vows to watch this movie. 

The Bad News Bears

A classic example of a movie that would never be made in today’s climate. Cern was just sharing a story that he cannot even question a call of the umpires at Little League games today, let alone smoke cigs and drink beers in the dugout. This movie might be a little slow for 8 year old, but overall worth the watch. 

Field of Dreams

Chip and Cern auto co-sign this movie based on the lines that people are always quoting in life and the kid needs that context. Kevin Costner loves to be in baseball movies and he does seem to have a love of the game. 


Both Chip and Cern haven’t seen this movie. For some reason they didn’t really feel the need to see the movie or want to see it. Maybe because they know the story and have been doing book reports and essays on Jackie Robinson since youth. For an 8 year old it might be a good history lesson who didn’t grow up learning all about how big of a deal Jackie Robinson was to the game of baseball. On Rotten Tomatoes “42” scored a 79%. 

Bull Durham

In Chip and Cern’s eyes this is the baseball movie to end all baseball movies. Yes 8 years old is a little young to deal with some of the off the field deals of minor league baseball. Might be a good one to catch on cable TV where some of the racier stuff is cut. Chip says this is in his top 10 all time movies. 

Honorable Mention

Fever Pitch

Chip and Cern come out of the gate with some hate on this movie. RZ Cole’s stance on this movie was to get a significant other into baseball or at least warmed up to the idea. Chip and Cern still wouldn’t bite with this theory. Scored a 65% of Rotten Tomatoes. 


What RZ Cole missed in Chip and Cern’s eyes. Cern has been talking about The Natural all podcast and that was a big hole in this list. Chip would have liked to see For the Love of the Game, Major League and a few others, but for a 8 year old those are a little bit more adult. 


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