Unless you have been living under a rock you should have heard about the United Airlines cluster fuck with yanking a 69-year-old man off an overbooked flight. The man David Dao was bloodied up and dragged like a rag doll off the plane. 


Here is some footage of the incident from a cell phone/ potato. 




The video is pretty disturbing and hard to believe that a customer would get treated like that. No doubt this dude will be making some serious coin with his lawsuit.


Overbooking is a practice that is fairly common in certain industries. Hotels, car rental and of course airlines always overbook to maximize their profits and customers are the ones who end up paying. Chip and Cern both agree that when companies are in the wrong, as they are in this case, they should make it right. If Comcast or DirectTV fuck up your internet or TV you get a refund and the customer doesn’t have to eat that cost of their mistake. 


A few days after this event the Daily Mail UK, which is a rag mag of sorts, dug into the background and claiming that he has a criminal background and traded pain pills for gay sex. 


There are some people that take the stance of he just should have left when he was told. 


Chip is flying United in the coming weeks, despite them being the shittest airline ever, and he might being a hockey mask to wear just in case he gets bumped. 


United has already updated their policy on displacing customers as of April 14th.


United has had a rough go of it the last few months. Booting people off because they were wearing leggings, this David Dao thing and even more recently a scorpion fell on someone’s head and stung him. 


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