We know Valentine’s Day has came and went, but how did your gifts stack up against Chip and Cern’s list? Hear about how Chip really fucked up Valentine’s Day when he was 15 years old. Cern’s premature Valentine’s Day gift purchase. 


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Valentine’s Day Recap/ attempt at forecasting is a first for Chip and Cern. Chip wasn’t ready for Valentine’s Day this year and it snuck up on him. Luckily Chip’s wife is cool with not really  celebrating Valentine’s Day. 


In high school Chip really fucked up when he first started dating his now wife. She did the classic “I don’t need anything” move and Chip took it a bit too literal and got her nothing.


Cern sent his wife some Sherrie’s Berries, who isn’t a sponsor, but fuck it free plug. Cern got a nice deal/ coupon for the Berries and accidentally picked the wrong date so they came a few weeks early. Cern’s wife now has gotten a gift for Cern based on the perceived value for the Sherries Berries.


Chip’s wife loves the really nice cards and so that is what Chip will prob go with this Valentine’s Day. Cern doesn’t like going to with the jewelry because it sets the bar too high.


Chip has the top Valentine’s Day gifts for your guy from Goodhouse Keeping. 


Cern has the top Valentine’s Day gifts for the ladies from AskMen.


Despite just saying they don’t like jewelry as a gift Chip and Cern love this MVMT watch Cern just discovered. 


6 packs of favorite beers, which Chip and Cern gave the “ehhhhh” to this gift.


MeUndies are a huge hit with Chip and Cern. 


Kate Spade bangles would be a big hit with any lady. 


Smart watches are obviously going to be a big gift this Valentine’s Day.


StubHub gift cards would be good for that sports fan or concert goer. Plus there is a good chance 


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