Chip and Cern dive right right into another series. This time Chip and Cern talk about episode 1 of WestWorld on HBO. 

Chip and Cern took a ton of movie classes in college and saw the first movie ever made, The Moon. 

There will be NO SPOILERS past episode 1 in this recap. If you haven’t see episode 1 you can do that now or after the podcast. 

Westworld was a 1973 movie written by Michael Crichton and now it is on HBO. Chip likes that there are boobies in the show. The HBO show is directed by Johnathan Nolan, who is Christopher Nolan’s brother. Chip and Cern are big fans of him, so that is a plus in their eyes. 

Westworld is a theme park of sorts that you can pay a ton of money to go to and do whatever you want. The “people” that are there are robots essentially that run on scripts. As the visitor you can do whatever you want within WestWorld. 

Cern wasn’t hooked right away on this show, but would see a few more episodes. He couldn’t really pinpoint the reason why, but he just didn’t get hooked.

Cern takes exception with Teddy Flood who is played by James Marsden, who always plays the white knight character and plays Cyclops in XMen. 

Cern would be interested in taking a trip to Westworld as would Chip. 

They propose new storylines to add into the park, which would add new characters and options for the visitors to do.

Anthony Hopkins is nearly 80 years old. 

There is about 5 or 6 episodes, so you can catch up on Westworld pretty quickly. 

So out of 10 stars IMDB gives it 9.1.


Chip gives it 8.5

Cern gives 6.5

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