Chip and Cern are off and on a tangent already, talking about side bets with Dana and the super gross leg breaks in sports. The 2017 World Series is completed and Chip and Cern have your complete recap and analysis. 


The Dodgers already had one of the better teams and then they went and got Yu Darvish at the trade line. 


The Astros picked up Verlander at the trade deadline and Chip might check out some of the pics from the Fappening. 


Chip and Cern, along with the majority of Giant’s fans were rooting for the Astros. 


Here is the scores by game. Be sure to listen to Chip and Cern break down each game on the podcast. 


Game 1: Dodgers: 3, Astros: 1

Game 2: Dodgers: 6, Astros: 7

Game 3: Dodgers: 3, Astros: 5

Game 4: Dodgers: 6, Astros: 2

Game 5: Dodgers: 12, Astros: 13

Game 6: Dodgers: 3, Astros: 1

Game 7: Dodgers: 1, Astros: 5


During game 3 Gurriel made a racially insensitive gesture in the dugout after his home run. He stretched the sides of his eyes and mouthing the Spanish word chinito, which translates to "little Chinese Boy"; Darvish is from Japan. Gurriel apologized, and said that anyone from Asia is called a chino in Cuba, although he acknowledged knowing that the term was offensive in Japan from having played there. As a result, Gurriel was suspended for the first five games of the 2018 MLB season without pay, but allowed to continue playing in the World Series.


Chip really hated Gurriel’s haircut and related it to the Empire Penguin. 


Chip though that the baseballs were totally juiced during the World Series, but Cern thought otherwise. 


Chip and Cern take a look at the 2018 World Series Vegas Odds. Giants are a dark horse at 50:1 

If you are looking to get some baseball training in here is some great info:

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